Too many choices for your web site?

Don’t worry, I understand, after all there’s millions of us web designers…

The fibre-optic beast, the Internet, has created the largest marketplace in the history of mankind and together with the technology and popularity of social networks, it has presented its opportunity to you. 

In 2016, the key factor will not be how good your website looks or works, but how effectively you use it in tandem with social media networks. A single, well executed idea backed by an effective landing page on your website could be all your company needs to get those contracts that make all the difference.

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Hi, i’m Simon Kincaid. I’m from the UK and have been making websites for about twenty years.

Extensive history in designing, developing, testing & bug fixing healthcare web software, e-commerce booking systems, websites, web apps, back-end admin & reporting systems. Worked with websites & web software systems both as a hobbyist and professionally over the last 20 years.

Excellent knowledge of PHP, SQL, Javascript, JQuery, HTML 5, CSS 3, WordPress, Photoshop.

Foundational knowledge in C/C++/ C#, ASP, Angular JS and Linux Shell







My projects will appear here shortly…